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M-DEC14P2A0001 / puff elegance up dress
SGD $26.55
Colours: black / blue
Size XS: length 83cm / bust 74cm
Size S: length 84.5cm / bust 78cm
Size M: legngth 86cm / bust 82cm
Size L: length 87.5cm / bust 86cm
Size XL: length 89cm / bust 90cm
Size XXL: length 90.5cm / bust 94cm

M-DEC14P2A0002 / nao dynasty dress
SGD $23.45
Colours: one colour only
Size S: bust 90cm / length 90cm / waist 80cm
Size M: bust 94cm / length 91cm / waist 82cm
Size L: bust 98cm / length 92cm / waist 84cm

M-DEC14P2A0003 /  doll cut long sleeve dress
SGD $16.45
Colours: one colour only
Shoulder 37cm / bust 92cm  /waist 70cm / length 76cm

M-DEC14P2A0004 / sports up side skirt
SGD $23.05
Colours: one colour only
Length 69cm (stretchable)

M-DEC14P2A0005 / orchid sketch blouse
SGD $22.15
Colours: one colour only
Size XS: length 56cm / shoulder 35cm / bust 88cm
Size S: length 58cm / shoulder 36cm / bust 92cm
Size M: length 60cm / shoulder 37cm / bust 96cm
Size L: length 62cm / shoulder 38cm / bust 100cm
Size XL: length 64cm/ shoulder 39cm / bust 104cm
Size XXL: length 66cm / shoulder 40cm / bust 108cm

M-DEC14P2A0006 / spin legit stripe dress
sGD $17.10
colours: grey / black
bust 98cm / length 81cm / shoulder 32cm

M-DEC14P2A0007 / brush raglan maxi dress
SGD $24.35
Colours: one colour only
Bust 100cm / length 99-103cm

M-DEC14P2A0008 / lace covered back  top
SGD $22.15
Colours: one colour only
Size XS: length 55cm / bust 86cm / shoulder 34cm
Size S: length 56cm / bust 90cm / shoulder 35cm
Size M: length 57cm / bust 94cm / shoulder 36cm
Size L: length 58cm / bust 98cm / shoulder 37cm
Size XL: length 59cm / bust 102cm / shoulder 38cm
Size XXL: length 60cm / bust 106cm / shoulder 39cm

M-DEC14P2A0009 / white collared dots blouse
SGD $16.45
Colours: one colour only
Shoulder 41cm / bust 101cm / length 74cm

M-DEC14P2A0010 / checkered frenzy  sexy back blouse
SGD $22.15
Colours: one colour only
Size XS: length 51cm / shoulder 70cm / bust 102cm
Size S: length 53cm / shoulder 71cm / bust 106cm
Size M: lnegth 55cm / shoulder 72cm / bust 110cm
Size L: length 57cm / shoulder 73cm / bust 114cm
Size XL: length 59cm / shoulder 74cm / bust 118cm
Size XXL: length 61cm / shoulder 75cm / bust 122cm

M-DEC14P2A0011 / ribbon mesh top
SGD $20.20
Colours: one colur only
Size XS:  length 42cm / bust 74cm  / shoulder 33cm
Size S: length 43cm / bust 78cm / shoulder 34cm
Size M: length 44cm / bust 82cm / shoulder 35cm
Size L: length 45cm / bust 86cm / shoulder 36cm
Size XL: length 46cm / bust 90cm  / shoulder 37cm
Size XXL: length 47cm / bust 94cm / shoulder 38cm

M-DEC14P2A0012 / meta stripe sleeved top
SGD $15.60
Colours: one colour only
Bust 96cm / length 62cm

M-DEC14P2A0013 / either way knit top
SGD $18.05
Colours: grey / purple/ mustard / blue / pink/ white
Fits uk6-10

M-DEC14P2A0014 / mesh mixer long top
SGD $22.15
Colours: one colour only
Size XS: length 63-79cm / bust 92cm / shoulder 35cm
Size S: length 64-80cm / bust 96cm /  shoulder 36cm
Size M: length 65-81cm / bust 100cm / shoulder 37cm
Size L: length 66-82cm / bust 104cm / shoulder 38cm
Size XL: length 67-83cm / bust 108cm / shoulder 39cm
Size XXL: length 68-84cm / bust 112cm / shoulder 40cm

M-DEC14P2A0015 / indie fringe bag
SGD $30.70
Colours: black / rice
Length 20.5cm / width 16.5cm /  height 27cm / strap 110-120cm

M-DEC14P2A0016 / checkered weaved bag
SGD $28.30
Colours: one colour only
Height 32cm /width 10cm / length 25-32cm

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